Are you Burned Out?

In today’s society, it is all too common to find the average person coping with burnout. At work, home, in relationships, it all adds up to doing too much with too little. Here are few ways to beat the burnout blues.

Take Note of your Attitude

overworked_burnoutAre you cranky? Snarky to someone who has pushed that last button, or gotten on that last nerve? Go for a walk, or take a break to reset your mental and emotional mood. Spend some time outside, if possible in sunlight, to help improve your mood.

“Should” Isn’t a Command

Do you find yourself saying, “I should do this” instead of taking that much needed break? Do not get caught in the trap of doing everything on the To-Do-list, before you can take that walk in a park? Unless it is life-threatening, there is nothing that can’t wait for a 10-minute recharge, like having a cup of coffee, playing a round at of pokies or reading that great book you have been pushing away for weeks.  This is a good rule when dealing with emotions and feelings.

Make NO your favorite word

Do you over commit to activities or work projects? Find yourself saying yes to everything thrown your way by the boss, your coworkers, and the school? Make a 2-letter word your new best friend, and burnout will stay away. Saying NO to a project is another way to limit the stress and burnout that comes from over committing yourself.

Make burnout a thing of the past and above all, do not neglect yourself. A half day of pampering yourself goes a long way in distressing your life. Using these tools will make it easier for you to cope with all life has to throw at you. Another advice is to always make sure you chill and find some time to relax. Playing online games can be a good way to do so. have access to free games first and check

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