There’s a Pill for Everything

At one point in time, not very long ago, there was a very clear societal stigma when it came to issues of mental health. While mental illness does still carry a stigma, it has proven to have become quite the scapegoat. It is hard to say who exactly is to blame and harder to determine at what point there was such a dramatic change.

green pills

Everyone goes through situations that will cause them grief and we all have different ways of coping with these things. Some of us turn to finally use that online casino bonus advertised everywhere, accept the offer of drugs in the nightclub or  drown their sorrows in alcohol. However, instead of turning to therapy based treatment, people are beginning to blame mental illness and are looking for a medication that will instantly make them feel better.

For example, women have been proven to be more outwardly emotional. However, a woman who angers quickly or is hurt easily is automatically labeled as being bipolar. She may go to the doctor and relay that she is experiencing mood swings. Mood swings are only one symptom of mental illness however, if proper research is done, it will be revealed that a person that is truly bipolar does not have mood swings seven times daily, in fact periods of depression or mania can last days, months or even years.

Another example, a person is involved in a car accident. They may or may not have been injured. However, now this person is jittery when they drive or are a passenger in a vehicle. When you have a bad experience during the normal course of normal activity, it is normal to be skittish for a bit. However, they may be diagnosed as having PTSD. A person with PTSD will emphatically try to avoid certain situations and may even experience flashbacks.

The fact of the matter is that there is no happy pill that will cure all ailments. Issues will not disappear without the proper use of therapy and learning coping skills.

Three Types of Guys that you should not Have a Relationship With

thebreakupAlmost every girl dreams of having the perfect relationship. We all want to meet our very own prince charming. We are even willing to look beyond their flaws in hopes that he just may change in the future. There is nothing wrong with supporting your man but here are three types that you need to let go.


Mr. Jealousy

Most dangerously jealous relationships begin with minor signs that make us feel special. You may think that it is really cute to see him get so upset because he sees someone else checking you out. However, this is a big red flag. There is nothing wrong with having an admirer as long as that admirer does not approach you. Eventually, Mr. Jealousy will start accusing you of having affairs with other people and he will begin to isolate you from others. And who wants to sit at home playing online games on all day?


Mr. Bully

Many women love a take charge kind of guy. Having an alpha male does not mean that he should feel the need to control others, including you, by showing aggression. This guy may lose his temper easily, he may yell or curse you and he may even grab or push you. When it comes to an abusive relationship, there is no viable reason for him to be aggressive with you. If you are afraid that he may physically harm you, it is time to listen to your gut and run!


Mr. Duplicity

There are many different theories when it comes to infidelity. Some say, once a cheater always a cheater while others say anyone can change. If you have forgiven him once for cheating, keep in mind that he will only do what you allow him to do. If there are no real consequences to him having another woman, why should he stop?